About HelpWithCovid.com

Help With Covid is a clearing house for COVID-19 related projects and volunteers looking to help out.

It is run by a team from across the world that is passionate about helping out with the current crisis. Find us on Discord on #hwc-com-development.

This site is open-source and we invite your contributions github.com/helpwithcovid/covid-volunteers

Tinnei Pang Operations Twitter  /  LinkedIn
Misa Beach Partnerships & Panels LinkedIn
Jamie Wilkinson Product Twitter  /  LinkedIn
Casey Pugh Product Twitter  /  LinkedIn
Cathy Liu UX Twitter  /  LinkedIn
Colin Johnston UX Twitter  /  LinkedIn
Jamie Murphey UX LinkedIn
Adrian Marin Development Twitter
Nagesh Bansal Development LinkedIn
Ryan Hefner Development Twitter  /  LinkedIn
Kinjal Poonatar Account management LinkedIn
Pim de Witte Advice and guidance Twitter  /  LinkedIn
Ambika Bumb Advice and guidance LinkedIn
Radu Spineanu Coffee getter Twitter
Sam Altman Big picture Twitter

Started based on a discussion between Dustin Moskovitz & Sam Altman.

Thank you to all volunteers!