Protocol Labs - COVID-19 Open Innovation Grants

Protocol Labs - COVID-19 Open Innovation Grants

Protocol Labs is committing $200,000 to an accelerated grants program supporting open innovation efforts contributing to improved technical solutions around testing, treatment, mitigation, and prevention of COVID-19 and future epidemics.

We hope to support a wide range of projects (software, hardware, tooling, modelling, computing, and others) involving either the development of new technology or the application of existing technologies to this challenge. We may also support platforms, communities, and competitions aiming to facilitate the development of such projects.

Individual grants, given as one-time gifts, are expected to top out at $20,000, but we may consider larger amounts for especially impactful efforts.

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We have no a priori limitations on eligibility, besides the ones mentioned above (technology-based and open). However, we don't expect we'll be able to satisfy every request. Grants will be given at the discretion of Protocol Labs until the call closes or the funds are exhausted.

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