Pro Bono Business Strategy/Management Consulting for Nonprofits

Pro Bono Business Strategy/Management Consulting for Nonprofits

We are strategy consultants at a leading boutique firm specializing in telecom, media, and technology. Our clients include the largest US wireless and internet companies and investors.

We're actively looking for near-term pro bono projects with nonprofits for our staff across our offices in Boston, NY, and SF. We've completed several engagements with nonprofit startups in the past and are eager to help with opportunities specific to COVID-19 right now. Our work includes market sizing, competitive assessment, growth strategy, go to market, operations, data and financial analysis and modeling, primary and secondary research, and due diligence.


Very flexible, but our pro bono projects are usually up to ~6-12 weeks of up to ~10 team members across roles with ~5 hours/week each of availability. Under current conditions, we may have fewer team members with more dedicated time. Clients should have nonprofit status.

How to redeem it

Email with a description of your project needs and timeline