Med App

Med App

Med App is a orientation, engagement and communications platform that was developed by Doctors in Australia and in the last 7 years has grown to an essential part of the Medical infrastructure. We are already operationally supporting Hospitals in Australia and NZ during the current preparatory phase and are ensuring we will be ready to support sites during the response phase once the wave breaks.

The offer is for for free implementation and use of the Med App platform. This on a hospital/organisation basis - we must engage with the executive and communications team/disaster response team, not individual units.

MedApps response during the current crisis is focused around 3 goals:

Information Dissemination
- Disaster Communications 101
- Every healthcare worker should have access to standard protocols and procedures in a manner that they are most likely to read

Deliverable and auditable
- Rapid Orientation
- Requirement to add large additional staffing numbers presents administrative burden and will create inefficiencies, patient harm if staff are starting without appropriate resources and knowledge

Competency training and upskilling
- The potential demand for ventilator-assisted beds is the biggest gap in the healthcare system right now, both physical and personnel capacity need to be released. The difference between access to care and not is the difference between 0.7% mortality and 3% mortality

Our platform is proven with deployment across 40 Hospitals and over 8000 clinicians.


The offer is subject to onboarding capacity on the MedApps team.

The platform must be linked into the organisation's disaster communications team and workforce team.

Initial offer is for 3 months. If the crisis is prolonged we may extend this process.

Implementation takes around 2-3 hours for rollout to thousands of staff. Continuation is not required or expected but we will certainly try to use the experience to drive forward a business case.

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