Covid19 - Hospital equipment tracker

Covid19 - Hospital equipment tracker

A team of volunteer employees at EVRYTHNG -the market leading Internet of Things platform for consumer products- led by Joël Vogt, PhD, a machine learning scientist in the Labs team, have developed a hospital equipment tracker using the EVRYTHNG product cloud to help manage COVID-19 resources, after seeing that hospitals were using spreadsheets to track medical equipment such as ventilators or free beds.

The equipment tracker currently does two things:

Register beds and other medical items and identify your hospital in our dashboard

Track equipment usage and equipment movement using a simple Web app.

If anyone is in need of a solution that provides close to real-time visibility of availability of medical equipment in an automated way, we can set it up for them for free. Usage is also free of charge. We understand that Easter might be quite a busy period, highlighting this solution will help everybody.


The medical industry is not our usual vertical. We would need help with social media or contacts within that field.

How to redeem it

Email --> Joel (at) for the setup configuration.
--> natalia.macia (at) for related questions