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We wrote a playbook on how to manage volunteers, had some amazing panels, and gathered some deals for you.

Help With Covid project

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We want to help vetted projects get the resources they need. Fast.


Help With COVID is a clearing house for people (especially engineers & software developers, bio, medicine, manufacturing) to find projects to contribute to, and for projects to find help.

We've been overwhelmed by the number of people who want to help, and the number of high-quality projects that need it. Our hope is that this is a way for projects and people to find each other and to get to the other side of this as soon as possible.

Who is already working on this

Check out our About page!

How far along it is

An amazing core team, website and Discord up and running and helping people.

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The number one thing we'd love help with is to spread the word. Share it on Twitter/Slack/LinkedIn.

We've love help with curating ideas and moderating Discord.

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PM Software