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Well over 130 million people globally are currently home sheltering. With schools closed for months and more limitations to come, the idea of a normal life is changing rapidly. To solve problems related to social anxiety, lack of peer support, no structured regimen, learning stagnation and the psychological cost of social isolation, we are creating a social educational platform to connect sheltering people globally and empower anyone in the community to lead instruction or support sessions on any topic or interest. These live meetups serve as support groups and learning opportunities during our time separated. A regular schedule of events can help us to regain some structure, to form and strengthen relationships with others, and demonstrate through tough times, people rise up, carry through, support each other and better themselves.

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We are presently building the MVP at

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To build our community, mentors, professionals of all sorts, nurses, psychologists, anyone who can share, support others or spread the word.

To build the product, developers, infrastructure engineers, product and design, teachers and content creators, marketing and social media experts

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We are currently engaged with the folks below but we need your help! Especially spreading the word with folks who would like to hold support and learning sessions.

Engineers, University Professors, Psychologist, Product Managers, Marketers, Designers

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