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Covid Resource Center - By PsychoTech Services for Society

A meta-list of all online resource lists. Also direct links to online resources.

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About the Project


When somebody actually comes face to face with Covid, they do not know what to do - where to get help. There is too much info, and the relevant info is usually not handy when needed.

We have set up the Resource Center to bring together resources for both public and 'Covid warriors' in one place.

We have already successfully piloted the concept in India. And, we are now working on making the list more comprehensive, global, easy to navigate and verified.

How far along is it

We have successfully piloted in India. Its time to take it global and start with the second phase.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

- Planning the right strategy for different countries
- Getting and verifying resources, cleaning the database, getting them live on the site
- Spreading the word
- Admin and Supervisory roles - training and managing the team

Project details

Who is already working on this

Project has been conceptualized, and is headed by an ex-McKinsey Digital Specialist who also serves as Senior Adviser to NGOs across the globe on matters related to process excellence and digitization.

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