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COVID-19 Data Repository

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About the Project


The COVID-19 Data Repository is a data repository that contains all kinds of information available about the COVID-19 virus, we gather, sanitize, normalize & categorise data daily from sources like NGO's and Governments, to make them available for research.

The COVID-19 virus is spreading at an alarming rate and the global medical community is still trying to get a grasp on what exactly is needed to fight this disease and prepare for the future.

People in the medical world are asking the tech community for help to provide solutions. The way we're trying to help is to make sure that all the data that is there is available in easy ways for research. We're trying do this in a few diferent ways:

- Collect all the data from sources like NGO's and governments
- Validate, sanitize & normalize the data
- Categorise the data and create useable datasets for research
- Make the data available by creating an API & packages for data analysis tools frameworks and languages like R, Python (pip)

Furthermore the repository contains importer scripts to automatically update the datasets in the repository on a regular basis.

Link to the github organisation & repos:

COVID-19 Data repository is open source and not associated with any particular company or organisation.

How far along is it

We're currently getting ready to start handling data requests. Most of the infrastructure is in place.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

- Identifying useful datasets from all kinds of sources (see project wiki for examples of useful data)
- Cleaning, normalizing & organising the data
- Writing API's & packages for Python, R,... to expose data and make it useable for research

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A group of 9 volunteers: developers, students, administrative people, writers,...

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