About the Project


Children going through cancer treatment have weak immune system. They can quickly die from COVID-19. We have to protect them.

In this project, we will put together their contact information in a directory and assign medical students to check on them.

We will call them periodically, ask about their status, link them with resources, order them food, deliver them stuff, and do whatever we can.

This directory is a vital investment because it will become the national guard equivalent for kids with cancer.

How far along is it

[DONE] 1. Complete web application.

[DONE] 2. Make a COVID-19 information sheet specific to children with cancer and their families (Receivers).

[DONE] 3. Sign up medical students (Givers).

[DONE] 4. Send the website to the receivers (so they can sign up as Receivers).

[DONE] 5. Send the website to the medical students (so they can sign up as Givers).

[DONE] 6. Get feedback and update the platform.

Project details

Who is already working on this

Kate, CEO @ Guardiome

Kwat, MD-PhD candidate @ Stanford

Yaseen, Physician Assistant @ SCKEC

Ian, Software Developer @ Amazon

Mustafa, Software Developer @ UCSD

Sophie, MD-PhD candidate @ UNC

How to get in touch