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Airgo C19 Intubation Prioritization (

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The Airgo noninvasive Respiratory Holter monitors spontaneous Respiratory Rate, Tidal Volume and FRC (among others), 3 key biomarkers whose trends are needed to determine which C19 patient needs ventilator intubation and when. Several key C19 hubs with Airgo expertise have asked for significant numbers of Airgo devices for this purpose. Airgo is a patented non-intrusive highly elastic and easy to use strap that is worn over the floating ribs that has been clinically validated (800+ patients at MGH, 200+ patients in Italian hospitals) as a proxy for spirometry, as a precise tool for sleep disorder screening, for ICU respiratory pattern detection and more. CE Medical Device Class IIa certification process nearly complete and industrialization of production on target for large scale production by June '20.

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Financing needed to complete Hipaa/GDPR compliant cloud infrastructure and customer support platform. Specific funding needs now to build scaleable dashboard for monitoring of afflicted C19 patients in-hospital and at-home. Consider that for every C19 patient that is intubated, there are at least 50 others on cue who need non-invasive reliable monitoring to assist the medical staff in determining intubation priorities.

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The Myair team has been perfecting the Airgo product through 5 different generations of clinically validated pre-production runs since 2013. Myair currently collaborates with MGH in Boston and Fondazione Maugeri in Milano Italy for the clinical trials and scientific / medical / clinical evaluation models. A true international Dream Team. We have the full support from Vodafone for telecommunication infrastructure from 3-5G

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