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1 Million Ventilators

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We need to develop a strategic reserve of 1,000,000+ emergency ventilators ASAP. These don't need to be fancy medical ventilators, they just need to work.

In a pandemic, the limited existing ventilator supply and stockpile should be reserved for treating the most critical life-threatening cases.

We need to create an emergency ventilator that can be used for millions of minor cases, including patients who require long-term (15-30 day) ventilation on recovery.

There are ~160,000 ventilators in the US now. (See:

The US alone needs >740,000 ventilators in a Spanish flu-level outbreak. (See:

The CDC Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) has only ~10,000 ventilators. (See: CHS)

Ventilators are only valuable when they're matched to patients in need, so we need to dynamically track ventilator supply and demand by hospital and efficiently distribute additional ventilators to hospitals with the highest unmet demand.

We need to train thousands of people to operate these ventilators. One model showed that the supply of respiratory therapists, not the supply of ventilators, would be the limiting factor in providing respiratory care to patients in hospitals. (See: CHS)

The ideal device will be easy to transport, sanitize, and use in low- and no-power settings. Our design needs to scale to 1M+ devices for < $200/unit and needs to be operable by anyone with < 1 hour of training.

How far along is it

We have assembled an all-star team of professional volunteers that are already validating mechanical designs and preparing for new manufacturing runs.

We are also actively working through funding and regulatory pathways now to proactively clear a path to market for our ventilators.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need to quickly turn this community into an NGO/non-profit and start earning funding commitments to cover the development and distribution of 1M+ ventilators.

Critically, we also need help from NGO/government partners to navigate potential regulatory challenges, including obtaining emergency use authorizations globally.

If you can help tackle any of these challenges, please email us at

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