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Find Service Manuals for Critical Medical Equipment

We're building a central, open resource of service information for medical equipment.

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Biomedical technicians (biomeds for short) are the repair experts at hospitals, and in many regions they are stretched thin. There are a wide variety of machines made by a number of different manufacturers at hospitals around the world, and there is no single resource for how to repair all of them. We don’t know how many machines will fail once hospitals are truly taxed. We don’t know which parts of those machines are most at risk.

Some manufacturers heroically host service manuals for their equipment on their website, and some make them more challenging to locate. There is no single source of information for biomeds to access. Biomed forums are frequently populated with requests for specific PDF service manuals. The closest thing to a central resource is Frank’s Hospital Workshop, a fantastic website run out of Tanzania with hundreds of manuals and very helpful how-to resources for maintaining medical equipment. But Frank’s site is a one-person operation, and a single point of failure, should overwhelming traffic come calling.

We’re going to change that. Our biomed technicians’ time is too precious to waste on internet Easter-egg hunts. iFixit is building a central resource for maintenance and repair of hospital equipment. We need help from fixers everywhere, medical professionals, and biomedical technicians to make sure this is as robust, relevant, and useful as possible.

How far along is it

We are live with over 1,000 manuals for critical ventilators and anesthesia machines. The next step is expanding the database for all medical equipment.

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Please help us find service manuals for medical equipment. Frank’s Hospital Workshop has been the leading source for these online, and we want to mirror this information in case his website is inundated. Beyond the manuals themselves, we could use help:

Organizing and building out device pages with common medical equipment.
Reformatting service manuals to be more SEO-friendly and easier for non-engineers to read—screenshot or trim PDFs for use in step-by-step guides with straightforward instructions
Translate all of the above for the widest impact!

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The iFixit community of fixers.

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