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CovidWire: Your neighborhood coronavirus news aggregator [UPDATED Apr 16]

CovidWire's mission is to ensure every community has access to trustworthy news

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About the Project


The Problem

Making sense of the current COVID-19 environment requires piecing together hundreds of fragmented channels. This includes, but is not limited to, waiting for sluggish updates from the CDC, sifting through various Twitter feeds, or calling your friends for the latest on fear-mongering rumors. What if there could be a better way to be in the loop, without hunting through multiple channels?

The What

CovidWire is a curated news aggregator that provides real-time updates on the most important changes affecting your local community, so that you can stay informed and make rational decisions.

It's designed to counteract misinformation and rumors around Coronavirus spread through social media by highlighting what's truly happening locally, nationally, and globally around you. Determine wait times at your local hospital, see grocery store item shortages, and take actions according to municipality rules. Quickly learn what's happening to your neighborhood, plan decisions on the available local resources, and take action knowing you are informed to the best of your abilities. Stay informed locally. Act rationally.

A more detailed proposal can be found here:

How far along is it

In progress of building an MVP to launch in the next 1-2 weeks.

Project target location
United States

Help Needed

Skills needed
Content Software
Tasks that need to get done

[UPDATE Apr 16]
We're seeking additional support at this time from news editors, news moderaters & analysts, ML engineering & data scientists, and digital designers.

**News moderators and analysts:** Review news before it is distributed to the site to ensure relevance, appropriate tagging, and mitigate fake news. Help find and screen news sources for the engineering team.

**ML engineering & data scientists:** We may be looking for additional support to automate scraping and develop/improve the algorithms used to screen news.

**Engineering lead/facilitator:** Engineering generalist with experience leading consumer-facing engineering teams. Able to co-organize with our current engineering facilitator.

**Eng fullstack & front-end** Engineering generalist and full stack needed to build the internal moderation platform and consumer-facing website.

Project details

Who is already working on this

[UPDATE Mar 25]

Currently have a team of 15+ people including engineers, journalists, and designers focused on building the core MVP of the aggregation site.

Co-organizers are Jeff and Tom, designers who are frustrated with the inability to see all the sources of fact-based, validated COVID-19 information at the neighborhood level.

Jeff: [](
Tom: [](

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remote (although ideally closest to San Francisco timezone)
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