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Actively Recruiting - Telehealth clinic staffed by global volunteers

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Many doctors, nurses, medical students and retired healthcare professionals are currently stuck at home, either because they're on standby, self-isolating, or residing with a vulnerable family member. We wanted to give them a safe way to connect with people who need help with Coronavirus, and to reduce the pressure on overstretched hospitals and clinics. allows volunteers to sign up to take video calls from anyone in the world with concerns or questions about COVID-19. When a visitor requests a call, they are connected to a waiting volunteer. Neither the volunteer nor the caller needs an app - it all works through their web browser. The volunteers help callers to access and understand guidance released by the CDC and other official sources.

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MVP is live now @

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We need help with outreach to the medical community for finding volunteers. We're finding that it's not hard to convince medics to sign up once they know about the site and understand its mission.

We also need volunteer developers to improve the tech stack, with 37 open GitHub issues at the time of writing:

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There's a growing team of developers and other contributors, mostly communicating via Discord. Over 100 volunteer medics have signed up to take calls.

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