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COVID-19 Testing Hub for Patients & Essential Workers

COVID-19 Testing Facilities, Updates & Self Isolation Resources to Prevent the Spread

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About the Project


The project has evolved overtime, but the main mission is to improve the accessibility and availability of COVID-19 testing across the US. Our goal is to deconstruct the complicated, fragmented system and information around testing and make it easily accessible to everyday citizens.

We provide an easy to use interface that lists out all the testing facilities on a easy-to-use map including all the state level guidelines & testing criteria. We do a simple follow-up process to enable people to start thinking about contact tracing and self-isolation when they suspect they have a COVID-19 diagnosis.

How far along is it

Our MVP is completed and live at the moment mostly focused on providing people with the testing locations near them & the state-level guidance they need to follow.

Things that are still pending:

1) Improvement of Testing Location API & Map
2) Finish Contact Tracing Process & Notification System
3) Designing & Finalizing Resources Guides
4) Continual Content Production around Testing, Contact Tracing & Self-Isolation
4) Creating a Portal for Employers to Provide for their workers

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

1) Ruby Developers for Testing Facility API & Location Update System
2) Javascript Developer for Geolocation
3) Python Developer for Web-scraping & Data Analysis of Testing Site Location Comparision & Quality

1) Design of Self-Help Guides & Marketing
2) Website Design & Guidance for Overall MVP Build
3) Designer & Front-End Developer Well-versed in Elementor Pro

1) Help Execute on Phased Marketing Strategy
2) Reach-out to testing facilities to promote map
3) Content Creators

1) Medical Review Teams for Content

1) Continued Help Managing Volunteers & Engagement
2) Organize Stand-Up Meetings amongst small volunteer teams
3) Manage Contractors for Speciality Features on Upwork

Project details

Who is already working on this

Erika Cheung -
Current Executive Director of Ethics in Entrepreneurship
Theranos Whistleblower;
Worked in Diagnostics & Very Familiar with the Medical Diagnostic Landscape, Testing Capacity Issues, & Issues Facing Healthcare Workers

Covid-19 Response Team -

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