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Git-based collaboration platform at scale

A large-scale collaboration platform with autonomous organization capabilities set to be the next gen of collaboration.

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We're developing a high scale collaboration platform with autonomous organization capabilities. Our aim is to provide groups, organizations, communities and companies with a robust tool that would enable its users to form a self-organizing, decentralized, democratic community whereby each user has a direct impact on the consensus and decision making of the group. (Imagine, for example, a space where a huge group of scientists around the globe can collaborate together on a vaccine for the Coronavirus)

We're making use of git (distributed version control system) and other cutting edge technologies to achieve our vision.

Join us to create the next generation of collective intelligence technologies!

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We've built the tech spec, organized a group of developers and contacted the right institutions and individuals to help us push this forward.

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We're looking for leaders, developers, scientists, mathematicians and funding.

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We're a small team of software developers and scientiste with systems-thinking background trying to solve the complex problems humanity is facing.

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