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Actively Recruiting - Amber-Alerts for Corona Virus:

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Amber-Alerts for Corona Virus:
Automated, Private & Decentralized Contact Tracing using GPS-logs on Smartphones.

Contact Tracing is how we beat smallpox. This is what is working in Singapore, HongKong and Israel to limit the spread of the virus. Users self-report and the app notifies people that were in spatio-temporal proximity.

Fundamentally ‘Contact Tracing’ is about changing how we fight a war against the virus. With Contact Tracing, we can take the fight to the virus by tracking it instead of waiting for the virus to come to us. Health departments nationally and internationally are overwhelmed and technology needs to be built to help them. And we need to be the ones that build it!

Here is how CoronaTrace works:
* Download the CoronaTrace app for iOS or Android, and select if you are confirmed infected.
* CoronaTrace will work in the background using your location to assess your risk level and privately and silently match your location with other users of the app.
* CoronaTrace will notify you if you are entering an area where an infected person has been within the last two weeks so that you can immediately take action and avoid any risks.
* Explore the map to understand and avoid the highest-risk areas.

How far along is it

An initial MVP of the application has completed the first phase of development - which means full-end-to-end notifications on iOS and Android based on people that were in a spatio-temporal radius.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

* Scaling our Backend to support the load of millions of users.
* Health Privacy experts to ensure our solution doesn't compromise patient privacy.
* Medical / Infectious Disease experts to guide us in making sure this stays true to best practices for contact tracing

Backend is currently on Firebase but we need experts in building a system that can handle a high volume of spatio-temporal queries.

Apps are built on Flutter. But native app devs are welcome.

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20+ People on the Team

MutualMobile - the leading App Development Agency that has built apps used by hundreds of millions like ESPN Sports Center and Google Wallet.

Infectious Disease Experts, Health Experts.

DARPA Red Balloon Challange winners - decentralized data collection using mobile phones.

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