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Virus Detectors (COVID-19 would be the first)

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Our company, Piera Systems (based in Toronto, Canada), has developed and patented a Particulate Matter (PM) sensor, called the Piera-1. It can accurately detect particles that range in size from 100nm to 10um in diameter. This includes vape and smoke.

The COVID-19 pandemic, by all accounts, looks like it will persist around the globe for quite a long time. One of the most common questions we are asked by potential customers is if our technology can detect COVID-19.

Since the COVID-19 virus particle is about 125nm in size, we have the ability to detect the presence of the particle, however, we cannot identify the virus - today. With additional funding for R&D, we believe we can add the image processing technology component capable of identifying viruses in the 100nm-150nm range, including COVID-19. As a result, the final sensor system can affordably be built into a wide range of products like air purifiers, smoke/vape detectors, and into airplanes, trains, taxis, buses, etc.

The final detector can easily be upgraded to detect the next big virus.

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We need $1.5M in funding.

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Team of 10 hardware and firmware engineers have already developed the core technology. This includes the co-founders Aaron Soh (CEO) and Shabeeh Rizvi (COO).

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