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Privacy Kit: Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing

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PrivateKit will address the current conflict between citizen privacy and infection tracking by developing a privacy-protecting solution for contact-tracing COVID-19 spread. The project will deploy in three phases to address the needs of citizens, health officials, and stakeholder organizations. The first objective is a mobile application for citizens which privately logs user location data and provides risk information to them on any contact with publicly known points of risk. The second objective is a collection of tools for health authorities to read, redact, and annotate location data from carriers of the virus to then relay to those that, based on their privately-held data, may have contracted the infection. The third and final objective is a cryptographic method to automatically redact and disseminate contact path information that maintains the balance of privacy and effectiveness while reducing the burden on health authorities. (

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Please visit for our specific interests.
We are additionally looking for financial support for Phases 1 and 2. Contact us for details on expected expenditures.

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We have a team of dedicated professionals with partnerships and affiliations with reputed global institutions including: MIT, Harvard/ MGH, Mayo Clinic, India: Govt of India, NHA, TripleBlind, Somaiya Medical School, and Federal University of Sao Paulo Medical School.
Key figures include: MIT professors Ramesh Raskar, Kevin Esvelt, and Alex Pentland; Associate Radiologist of Massachusetts General Hospital Raj Gupta; Harvard Lecturer of Engineering Sciences Luba Greenwood; MIT Media Lab City Science Group Director Kent Larson; MIT Connection Science Fellow John Werner; TripleBlind CEO Riddhiman Das; and Medical Thought Leader Suraj Kapa.

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