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TiLT- helping companies manage CoVid related leaves

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As organizations of every size are, or will soon be, inundated with unprecedented leave requests, we have the solution to organize, execute, track and remain human. We take care of compliance requirements, legal considerations, tax implications and work flow disruptions. We need more tech and team build out to increase the population we can serve immediately.

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our platform is in the market and ready to help companies

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We need customer support representatives to help us communicate with HR partners and employees; we need legal and tax experts willing to help us disseminate information and provide guidance; we need research partners to help us create digestible resources

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Jennifer has led teams for over 15 years and managed portfolios of over $50 Million/ yr. She knows how to run operations extremely profitably and sustainably. Kait's legal expertise brings immense value to our clients with the changing paid leave landscape. Kat Ventoruzzo has over 10 years of experience in public health and has brought an uncanny ability to quantify impactful R&D results for our products. Jessi's sales experience selling into HR at the enterprise to small company level.

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