Actively Recruiting : Marketplace that allows companies to list hard and software solutions and health officials to find them

We want to facilitate the exchange of technology by opening up an open, public database of COVID-19 innovations and tenders.

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About the Project


The Coronavirus creates urgent demand for specialized technologies in airports, quarantine zones, hospitals, logistic supply, prisons,... Companies have been coming up with solutions that can be replicated in other countries, granted that they can match and talk to the buyers directly.

We want to facilitate the exchange of technology by opening up an open, public database of COVID-19 innovations. Suppliers of tech solutions can directly post their details online, and be openly searched and browsed by anyone who has a demand, in a peer-to-peer fashion. We will also reference a complete list of government tenders.

The database will be subdivided in categories: Software (Algorithms & Simulation, Epidemiology, Consumer, Public), Hardware (Protection, Decontamination, Detection systems,), and more. We want to get this website up and running and start listing by 26th of march.


How far along is it

We have built the website and published it on
We have 100 government tenders listed which sum up to 1B USD in funds raised for COVID solutions.

We have 40 solutions that were already crowd-submitted after a few newsletter reachouts.

We have 300 pageviews per day and are looking for 10 or 100 fold to be effective.

Project target location

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

- Help us reach out to more hackathons and find volunteers
- We are looking for a community manager who can help us reach out on linkedin and tech communities. If we get donations this can be a paid job
- We are looking for people who can help us raise small financial support for the above
- Anyone can help us by posting this platform on his linkedin (we can provide standard message)
- Help us reach out to press who over government responses to COVID : We can provide stats from our platform
- Write a blog post about what governments are looking for using our data

Project details

Who is already working on this

French Tech Hong Kong

about 10 motivated volunteers on their free time, next to running our own companies - we need help !

Coordinator : Basile Verhulst, cofounder of Blockdynamics, emerging tech startup which has created international tender webapps in the past. I am also part of the Steering Committee of the French Tech Hong Kong

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Our slack :

How to get in touch
You can join us directly on out slack channel and write an introduction about yourself there (See link below)
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Non-profit (EIN: Looking for a host or sister organization that can help us receive funds from a donor)