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New COVID-19 test available for people with mild or no symptoms project

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Columbia University researchers have created a new coronavirus test that can detect COVID-19 even in people with mild or no symptoms. That's crucial for stopping the virus because more than half of new cases have been infected by people who didn't know they had it.
Their lab currently has capacity to run 200 tests a day. With an emergency infusion of funding, they can quickly ramp that up to 1000 or more. Because applying for grants takes too much time, we are asking individuals to step up and help at

Who is already working on this

All working pro bono or waiving fees: Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health Board of Overseers, Indiegogo, New York Community Trust, TrailRunner International

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Tasks that need to get done

1. Chip in at
2. Get the word out about! Tweet the link and ask your network to donate and share.
3. We are not professional fundraisers or salespeople. Are you? Give us your advice!

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Test the virus