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HealthClues project

Short description


Objective - Keep patients and suspected patients at home
Continuous Monitoring of health condition:
Once the patient is equipped with wifi connected PO2 and Body temperature device to our smartphone app, HealthClues (c) starts monitoring, recording, collecting and storing patient’s health data over a distance in real time.
This allows patients to stay at home or in any other place rather than in an scarce healthcare facility such as a hospital.
Health Risk Assessment
Healthclues use patented mathematical models and algorithms to discover health risks such as infectious disease such as COVID 19, cardio problems or diabetic issues. And not only that, it can also use GPS location to know where someone needs help or perform mobility profiling.

Telemedicine and Proactive communication
Patients are able to connect with doctors and nurses using built in secure two way communication systems through phone calls, video calls, SMS and email system. Each of the interactions are recorded as a patient record.

Who is already working on this

Current team -
Dr Ludger Hanneken
Dr Jen F
Dr Jin Lee
Rabi Chakraborty
IOTIED Corporation has a ready to use app working on iPhone for now. The app has been fully tested.
We need to submit the app to apple app store and get it approved and realized for global download and use. We estimate this work can be com plated very very quickly.

How far along it is

We are ready to roll out in apple store for download by patients or suspected patients or anyone who likes to keep checking their health status.

Demo, mockups, or documentation

yes contact me for a full demo - email at

How to get in touch
email to
Remote and or Sunnyvale, California
Tasks that need to get done

we are looking for funds unto $150,000 to quickly make minor changes and submit the app to Apple for apple appstore's download and also build an Android version asap.

Number of volunteers needed