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A community driven global effort supported by data scientists and corporate to identify, predict & prevent any pandemic outbreak

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'Face pandemic' is a non-profit and community-driven effort to utilized specialized technologies to identify, analyze and take preventive measures for outbreaks of infectious diseases like COVID-19. Unfortunately, most governments were not prepared to handle this pandemic. As a result, we the citizens have to take control and use our skills and efforts to keep everyone in communities safe globally. We have developed an application that anonymously acquires health and location information form participants and performs real-time analytics to predict the spread of the virus, alert everyone about the hot zones and identify preventive measures. Predictive analytics capability can help health professionals and emergency response teams to prepare in advance. THIS IS NOT A CONTACT TRACING APP. Our focus is to create a complete system that can help to identify infectious diseases in the early stages, start preventive measures and operation planning for the doctors/hospitals. Scale and reach to the maximum number of population is the key and it should work online - offline. We can't ever again in this situation yet and need to remember "Prevention is better than cure".

How far along is it

We have a basic iOS, Android app and doctor's portal with base backend working. Need more development, documentation and marketing work is required.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Communication, PR and marketing professional and influencers to provide clear messaging in multiple languages on website and social media to help create awareness about the application. Generate models for deeper analytics.
AI experts to improve the modeling based on data and finding by researchers
A research project coordinator to Improve communication active between different research labs to get up to date information
Emergency response planners to Improve the resources planning capability in different communities
Developers and security experts - Technical experts who can improve the security, privacy, and scaling of backend and front end applications
Corporate social responsibility managers who are working at large corporate's social responsibility departments to gather internal resources and mobilize them
Grassroots organizations, social workers and volunteers - Spreading awareness are crucial but, in the case of elderly patients, caretakers, grassroots workers, and organizations who are working with them, can provide reporting which is invaluable.

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Who is already working on this

We have a team of about 100 people who are working in all aspects of technology, data analytics and outreach. We have volunteers and experts from the medical field to improve the effectiveness of the project

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A short video is available at -

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