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COVID-19 SNAP Project

We study how states respond to federal changes in SNAP policy due to COVID-19.

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About the Project


The COVID-19 SNAP project is an academic project aimed at using legal mapping and epidemiology methods to understand how SNAP influences food security in the United States during COVID-19.

SNAP is a USDA program that provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budget of needy families so they can purchase healthy food and move towards self-sufficiency. Due to COVID-19, the USDA has granted states significant program flexibilities and contingencies to best serve program participants. While many resources outline these flexibilities and provide some comparison, we aim to provide a rigorous and standardized state-by-state study on the administration and implementation of these flexibilities to determine how these policy levers affect food insecurity.

How far along is it

We have developed a research question, drafted a codebook, created processes for searching through data, met with policy advisors/non-profits/academics for future collaboration/dissemination, and are currently coding legal data.

Help Needed

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[Geographic information system developer]: Need someone who understands GIS to create visualizations from our dataset. We are attempting to get access to ArcGIS, but have also looked into qGIS/leaflet as a free alternative.

- Work directly with managers to understand project details and create a plan to implement the policy work into an understandable, digestible map.
- Create a filterable map with policy data and other COVID-19 outcomes data for our project.
- Incorporate datasets from our collaborators into the mapping software.
- Offer solutions to various problems that arise related to mapping.

[Web Scraping Developer] Working with ScraPy and ScrapingHub.

- Working directly with our GitHub program to scrape data from state websites and federal websites.

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We are health and policy researchers from Columbia University and University of Miami. Our core team consists of a faculty lead, two co-managers, six policy researchers, and a handful of intermittent technology volunteers.

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