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Assemble: Help decentralized volunteer groups self-organize complex collabs

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This is a system to help decentralized volunteer groups self-organize complex collabs. It was originally designed to support a 2020 election effort, but is more broadly useful, and can contribute to COVID19 efforts. It's kind of a more robust version of *this site*, for not only matching but then also a framework/tools for collaboration after that.

It has similarities to existing project management software options, but designed for a decentralized team with no professional fulltime management. Allows loosely connected volunteers to work together without knowing each other well. And better automatically facilitates info sharing across cross-functional teams and units.

How far along is it

Designed and spec-ed out, now needs to get built.

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The system logic is designed, and pixel perfect frontend mockups are made. Now need to build it out as a relatively straightforward mobile-responsive webapp. Looking for both backend and frontend help. Stack is not hard set: can be whatever you prefer that others can also easily participate with.

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Misha Leybovich is a veteran startup CEO and alum of MIT/Berkeley/McKinsey. He's built products for millions of people, raised millions of dollars, led large teams, and has earned several patents.

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