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How to Adapt to a Coronavirus World

Helping everyone adapt to living and thriving from home

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About the Project


Everyone one of us has to adapt to a new world of quarantine at home, and that creates anxiety for most of us. From learning to work from home, homeschooling kids, staying fit and healthy – we're all quickly learning how to adjust.

Goal: To be a resource for everyone to find the most useful information around adapting to life at home, with content crowdsourced by the community.

How far along is it

We are currently in our alpha phase (see link below). We are now in the process of organizing the mountains of information and curating the best ones to include on the site.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We have an alpha product ready – we now need a team to help get it ready for launch.

- Design - help with creating illustrations for the website and for different articles/content.
- Content Creators/Copywriters - help iterating content strategy and help with curation
- Growth/Marketing - help with outreach
- Developers - help with our Wordpress site
- Volunteers to help find the best content to submit to the site

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A team of product and marketing professionals with experience building and scaling businesses.

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