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Our startup is developing non-invasive diagnostic equipment with AI that can diagnose cancer, diabetes, gastritis (also coronavirus) by breathing. The time of diagnosis will take about 1 minute. The final goal is to help people to identify diseases instantly and slow down the growth in the number of cases.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We are looking for volunteers in many directions: from hardware and software to funding.

Project details

Who is already working on this

-CIO was graduated from the best mathematical university in Russia (Bsc mech-math MSU), and best MsC in programming (Yandex school of data science).He has experience in Yandex.
-Lead Engineer has graduated SPBU BsC «Laser technology and biomedical optics» and Msc «Photonics and optoinformatics». He has more than 11 years experince in engineering
-CEO background is Bsc "Computer science and computer engineering" and MsC "Finance".I have experience in strategy consulting and industry.
- CTO has a PhD in Physics and Mathematics, experience in R&D and engineering for more than 8 years and has 50 publications

How to get in touch +7-999-993-96-32 whats, telegram
Preferred Volunteer location
Moscow, Russia. We also looking for the volunteers all over the world
Organization status
Not specified