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GeoTimeline - Data Input of Historical Footprints of Confirmed Cases with Lat / Lon / Timestamp

Open source contact tracing software that local communities can trust.

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About the Project


The GeoTimeline team are building a set of open source components and applications for contact tracing approaches that preserve privacy and anonymity while at the same time making certain data available to the public at large in an open and transparent way.

To see the data that is captured and displayed, visit The timeline of historical footprints are linked together by a random uuid - no personally identifiable information is recorded or shared.

The map component takes in an initial center (lat lon) and an anonomyzed patientId to begin recording a historical footprint timeline (i.e. series of footprints with lat/long/date/time info) for a particular case that can then be saved to whatever output destination it needs to saved to.

At the same time we are developing applications for end users to verify their own footprints against the data set to see if there were matches and to get intelligent directions to avoid contact areas based on location and time of day.

We are also focused on providing solutions for contact tracing organizations to make it easier for their workers to conduct their interviews and capture critical information.

How far along is it

We participated in the End Coronavirus Hackathon and we were awarded the Supply Chain Prize. We have a public Github repo at We have a working demo at We are currently reaching out to contact tracing organizations to support their set-up and tracing efforts as well as building self-reporting tools.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Anyone with React / React Native / Google Maps API experience. Anyone with partnerships reachout experience, especially with contacts to existing systems that would/could integrate this and/or governments and health authorities that would want potentially their version of the demo standalone. Anyone with experience generating content / documentation for open source projects. Anyone with designing UX and workflows

Project details

Who is already working on this

Greg Marlin - Full-Stack Developer
Helder Sepulveda - Senior SRE
Baran Nazari - Front-End Developer
Finney Kewa - SCRUM Master
Kshitij Matre - Full-Stack Developer
Konstantin - Full-Stack Developer
Alec Kan - Full-Stack Developer
Julia Siwak - Full-Stack Developer
Jasmine Lopez - Full-Stack Developer
Abhik Chakraborty - Full-Stack Developer
Naren Roy - Product Leader
Monica Secelean - UX Designer
Dylan Davenport - Front End Developer
Max Bildner - Full Stack Engineer

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Non-profit (EIN: not US based)