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We Connect Promising COVID-19 Projects with Investors & Other People Who Can Help Scale their Solutions.

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About the Project


Fund COVID’s mission is to make it easier for investors to connect with promising COVID-19 projects.

To facilitate this connection, we will host short, virtual project showcases (demo days) consisting of pitches & live Q&As with the founders of the most promising COVID-19 projects.

While this is a time of crisis, it has also been a time of collaboration and innovation. Hundreds of projects & volunteers are currently working on solutions - all at different stages with varying probabilities of success.

We have struggled to separate COVID-19 projects that are actually ready for funding from the sea of projects that think they're ready. We thought investors might be having the same issue.

This is admittedly new territory, but we are committed to solving this problem.

How far along is it

For MVP, we plan to host weekly 30-minute project showcase events for COVID-19 project owners to pitch to a group of interested investors. Fund COVID will provide contact information to the investors so they can follow up directly after the showcase.

We are currently organizing our Project Showcase which will feature 4 projects from the HWC community.
Project Showcase: 👉

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Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

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Volunteers with a background in any of the following would be a valued additions to our team:
- Digital Design & Branding,
- Marketing & Social Media (Twitter & LinkedIn)
- Community Management

Project details

Who is already working on this

We currently have 15+ people working on this, but always need more. Hannah Lindstrom & James Eccles, co-founders of Mr. Sprout, are the project owners.

A portion are web developers helping with front-end implementation, UX design, back-end, etc.

We have a number of experienced project/product managers helping refine our service, and we also have a mix of branding, design, UI professionals.

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