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Bluetooth stethoscope + pulse oximeter

Open-source design of an affordable wireless stethoscope

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About the Project


I am a frontline physician (hospitalist) that is seeing increasing volumes of patients at our facilities. PPE supplies are becoming increasingly precious and we expect we will need to mitigate PPE and equipment waste and develop new options for protection of our healthcare workforce.

One major item that is not discussed regularly on the news are disposable stethoscopes and pulse oximetry. In resource-rich countries, a patient on contact isolation will have a dedicated "disposable" stethoscope during their hospital admission. These are typically poor quality and of limited utility. They are also quite short -- resulting in close physical proximity to an ill patient, which increases risk of droplet contamination on PPE and individuals.

As with other supplies and equipment, I expect need will vastly outstrip supply due to the lack of machines and need to clean these items between patients.

I am asking all the talented people on this forum to help design an (1) inexpensive (2) Bluetooth-enabled stethoscope bell to reduce very-close proximity exposure for healthcare workers and enhance existing supplies chains for this medical equipment. I would prefer any designs be made widely available for any manufacturer to use if they agree to donate 90% of proceeds to medical relief organizations.

How far along is it

Our current focus is on prototyping our concept ideas and making sure they work well enough to become a development platform. Once they do, we will create a bill of materials and documentation and make them available to volunteer developers and makerspaces. We may possibly batch-order parts that could be made into development kits that could be sent to maker spaces or individuals, possibly including basic electronic equipment (soldering irons, etc) for developers unable to access tools currently.

Our primary "product" is the open-source designs and documentation needed to construct, program, and test devices that can be provided to medical professionals.

A secondary goal may be to source and provide development kits to makerspaces or individuals that can construct and test devices before donation.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Some skills we are particularly in need of:

* Electronics knowledge
* Software developers
* CAD engineers
* People who have 3D printers
* People to write documentation
* Fundraisers
* Project managers
* All-rounders!
* Manufacturers/distributors who think they could help

Currently we are dealing with:
- ESP32 audio software development for the ESP32-LyraT Mini and the ESP32 LoRa
- Speccing out microphones and speakers for the puck designs, trying to minimize feedback in the analog design.
- Modelling for 3D-printer designs, trying different things to replicate the frequency-filtering mechanisms inherent in standard stethoscopes.

Project details

Who is already working on this

Existing companies produce electronic stethoscopes, though none natively broadcast to Bluetooth headphones. No stethoscope includes pulse oximetry.


Helpful links

Discussion channel, Look for [Pro] Medical Supplies --> #covid-bluetooth-stethoscope

Content Repository

Google sheet, project tasks / management info

Cad drawings (Open Source @ Onshape)

How to get in touch
email, Discord, GitHub
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