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Accelerate COVID-19 medical image AI model research and development

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About the Project


Researchers and ML scientists are using AI to detect COVID-19 in CT and x-ray images. Example:

Arterys has opened its tech platform to developers working on medical image AI models ( We need to get these AI models into the hands of researchers and clinicians around the world so that they can validate and improve them and collaborate on AI tools for fighting the pandemic.

There's already one COVID-19-specific model on the platform:

How far along is it

Live! Help needed to get more models online, improve them, and collaborate with members of the community of clinicians and ML scientists building AI tools for fighting the pandemic.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need volunteers from the ML/SWE/clinical communities to:
1. Find or train COVID-19 models that take medical images (e.g. CTs, chest x-rays) as input (
2. Package those models so they can be deployed to the platform with the Arterys SDK (
3. Validating the models with real data (test data via
4. Collaborate with clinicians and researchers to come up with ways to improve the models via the rapidly growing community Slack group (
5. Source and share additional data for training and validation — share links in the Slack group, and we'll incorporate it into an aggregated Sheet so developers can improve their models rapidly

Project details

Who is already working on this

Arterys is 60 employees strong. As of writing, there are nearly 100 members of our Slack community—the community is developing new models, improving existing ones, and testing the models with real data from around the world.

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