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HelpLocalBiz - An aggregated donation platform for local businesses

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During times of crisis, there is an outpour of heartfelt stories and asks for donation (rightly so). Although, it's difficult to find these stories and verify they are genuine. That's why we're building a platform that curates and verifies donation events for small businesses impacted by COVID-19. Owners and employees are being hit the hardest right now. Let's do our part to save the heart of the American economy.

How far along is it

The website is complete and we've started onboarding verified businesses that need help. That is our main focus now before launching in Product Hunt next week.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

With the website complete and soft-launched, we need individuals that can spread the world on social media in strategic ways. Doing so will allow us to source and then verify businesses that need donations. We are adding new businesses with direct Venmo links, but also sorting through GoFundMe to find quality postings that are currently live.

We are managing submissions with two Airtable forms, one for business sign up and another for community nomination. Some ways you can help include, but are not limited to:

- Creating content to share on social media (TikTok, Twitter, FB, Insta)
- Combing twitter for business owners/laid off employees that need help
- Sourcing and verifying live GoFundMe's that can be added
- Circulating messaging + onboarding forms in large FB groups
- Calling businesses in your city to add to the platform

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We are two entrepreneurs that met through On Deck ( Our passion for social impact and small business is very strong.

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