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Physician Credential Wallet (myVitae)

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For physicians to work at new places, they need to undergo a vetting system called credentialing, which usually takes months. Under current COVID-19 circumstances, many institutions are using Emergency Credentialing workflows to get doctors onboarded to their systems as quickly as possible. We have created a secure wallet for physicians to store their credentialing information, allowing streamlined sharing of this vital information to hospitals. (Saving hours for physicians and admin folks). This project will help get medical providers' boots on the ground ASAP at the hospitals that need them.

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90% complete.

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#1 priority is dev help. ~10 hours. ruby, javascript, sql
#2 priority is UI/UX help to make this as user friendly as possible. Variable hours.

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We are a 3-member team with backgrounds in medicine, informatics, engineering, and cybersecurity.

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