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We are a pro bono project trying to help small businesses to survive the Corona outbreak by getting people to spend digitally now and consume when the quarantine is over. The idea is to list all small businesses with gift card shops on our site and make them accessible to users. If they don't have one yet, they can sign up with an online gift card provider. Our partners (no commercial relationship) have waived their fees during the Corona-outbreak.

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Our Clients are shops that offer gift cards. Users are consumers looking to support by buying those gift cards.

As a first step we want to build a feature where users can easily search for and find shops, by geography or category, basically a basic "Google maps for gift card shops". This will be integrated as a section into our website but should be another application hosted under a subdomain as our CMS is not flexible enough to display it. Besides the map based search, there will be profile pages for each gift card shop with shop details and video content from the shop owners

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Stefan - Tech, Product, Strategy
Victoria - PR, Marketing, Content Strategy
Tanvy - Social Media, Marketing, Content strategy
Per - Partnerships, Product

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