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Recognizing the need for collaborative cross-functional solutions to the Covid-19 situation, a group of Entrepreneurship & Management Professors from Indiana University have adapted the “idea blitz” process -- used by today’s most innovative firms -- to help surface and accelerate ideas focused on helping our community navigate this virus.

The first idea blitz weekend took place on March 20-22. Over 200 entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, MDs, VCs, professors, students) from around the world came together to surface ideas and get them to the basic prototype stage by the end of the weekend. "By design, the event was fast and furious – it all took place over just a weekend -- Ideas were related to tech applications, social distancing products/service, remote working, community interventions, health outreach, repurposing of facilities/resources, etc -see link).

The goals of the program include expanding awareness of the many pain points associated with the virus outbreak and response, championing collective efforts to develop solutions, and if viable orchestrating a collective response through social entrepreneurship and volunteerism.

We are currently considering future "idea sprints" and we are encouraging other institutions to take our model and launch similar programs with their network of technologists, alumni, students, professors, and other supporters.

How far along is it

Fully launched. The first "idea blitz" program took place on March 20-22.

Using Idea Contagion to Combat Virus Contagion
Link: https://www.covid19ideas.org

Future idea sprints are being considered. We hope other institutions will copy our program and implement within their networks.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We are looking for:

1. A media relations manager (volunteer).
Someone who could write and edit a press release, distribute the release and follow up with media contacts (national and regional) to promote the outcomes of our events and research.

2. A blogger / social media manager (volunteer).
Promoting our progress and successes to bloggers/news media and social media.

3. Data analysts / Research collaborators (volunteer and/or paid positions)
We are

4. Research Assistants (volunteer and/or paid positions)
Data compilation, data entry, coding, etc. A valuable part of the team

Please reply with details on which position you would like to apply for.

Project details

Who is already working on this

A group of Indiana University Entrepreneurship & Management Professors launched this program and put out an open call to their networks to get the initial weekend "idea sprint" going. 200+ entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, MDs, VCs, professors, students from around the world participated.

Project lead:
Professor Regan Stevenson

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