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We are building a tool for mutual aid during the challenging times of the coronavirus. As things get more touch in the coming weeks, vulnerable people will need a way to feel safe asking for and getting help from people nearby.

Through a web app that I’m in the process of building, needers can use a simple form to indicate their need and pick a location close-by to where they live. They can provide only the crucial information for confidentiality if they need to. Givers can find needs close to them and fulfill the needs they can and want to. When a giver clicks on the Give button, they will be connected to the needer through text message so they can help

How far along is it

We have ~5 volunteers and have built an MVP. We are working on improving the product, design, engineering functionality and then will work on outreach to local community partners

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backend tasks (Node):

front-end related issues (React):

Please email me at to be added to the slack, repos, and to get credentials if you need them.

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We have ~5 volunteers so far from different partners of the world

About me (Abhi): I am a young software engineer you got a bachelors and masters in computer science from Stanford and then worked at Facebook as a full-stack engineer and later Apple. I'm familiar with remote work and project management. I'm a nice guy and looking for other software engineers, designers, and media people who can get the word out to help me with this project. I'm trying to help us come together as communities to help each-other during the pandemic.

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