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COVID-19 Vaccine and Treatment R&D Dashboard

A dashboard on COVID-19 vaccine R&D progress that helps you volunteer for studies to accelerate development!

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About the Project


Currently information about vaccine and treatment development is decentralized across news outlets, company press releases and social media. There are several excellent examples of infection/death/recovery trackers and maps that provide guidance on the status of the pandemic progression, but it is also important to disseminate accurate information with appropriate caveats and epistemic humility on the progress (or lack thereof) of a potential vaccine and treatments for COVID-19. This would help governments, organizations and businesses better plan in accordance with the estimated timelines and likelihood (or lack thereof) of a potential vaccine, and help understand the timelines for potential treatments, partly so that we can plan the extent of containment efforts (e.g. if trial results for treatments are around the corner, it will motivate stricter containment efforts in the short term). The status of these projects are of interest to everyone in the world right now, so its time we had a central dashboard for everyone to track this progress.

How far along is it

We have a prototype in development, API integration with almost complete and we have many volunteers working on data entry, currently over 9/10 complete.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

1) Need volunteers to research vaccines/treatments and populate our database, preferably with some bio/med/clindev experience
2) Need experts in dashboard/visualizations (particularly React JS) and back-end (Python)
3) Experts on pre-clinical development, clinical development, GMP manufacturing, infectious diseases, viral vaccines, antiviral treatments and ideally coronavirus and its treatment/vaccines to help formulate or at least vet the framework for the dashboard and then potentially on an ongoing basis help vet the updates.

Project details

Who is already working on this

We currently have 30+ people working on this, but always need more. A portion are tech-minded folks helping with front-end mock-ups, UI building, back-end data ops, etc. and the rest are Subject Matter Experts in biology/medicine/clinical development spaces or generally helping with develop the database. I work at a clinical trial analytics company that builds dashboards for clinical trials, so I bring expertise on the clinical development path and can reach out to my network for medical/scientific expertise. We also have connections in the biorisk/biosecurity space so have experts there I can reach out to as well.

How to get in touch or devoted discord server: or (old) helpwithcovid channel:
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