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Money during Corona — we text gigs and opportunities to those who have been laid off or are struggling financially

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About the Project


Money during Corona is an initiative to support people who have recently been laid off or had their employment/finances adversely affected by coronavirus.

Learn more here:

In just 2 days we have had: 200+ signups and and >1000 messages sent to users.

Users can sign up with their phone number, and we send curated text messages alerting them of job opportunities (e.g. Walmart is hiring 150k workers, Outschool is hiring 5000 remote teachers). We also plan to send out messages on how to file for unemployment, online gigs, and other financial tips. Our goal is to tackle the "access to information" problem which makes it difficult for people to take advantage of opportunities that exist out there.

It's a simple concept, but we believe supporting people's employment and finances is one of the most impactful things that can be done right now. (Also massive shoutout to the frontline healthcare workers serving patients and saving lives).

How far along is it

In just a couple of days we had 200+ signups and have already connected a handful of folks to jobs they didn't know about (they texted us back saying so).

We have a basic end-to-end experience set up where folks can signup with their phone number and can receive text messages.

We've spread the word about the initiative to reach job seekers in a couple of channels and have gotten quite a bit of interest.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

There are a couple of areas we'd love some support with:

1. Curating gigs and jobs that are in-demand right now. We already have a list of jobs that are hiring desperately right now (e.g. remote teachers, grocery stores, etc.), but we need someone to be on point for this.
2. Hacking together a simple job posting board / marketplace on the website. Overall, our approach is to build as little as possible. We think it's possible to use no-code tools (e.g. Bubble) to do this in < 4 hours.
3. Publicizing this to reach more job seekers.
4. Targeted outreach to recruiters at companies that are desperately hiring. We are currently going through job boards, but we can provide more value to our community members if we have a direct relationship with employers. Employers will be interested too since we have an easy-to-reach supply of workers.

We also need a micro-amount of funding. We currently use Zapier and Messagebird in our workflow, and we're using up tasks and message credit fast. Please email me if you have any tips on this front.

Project details

Who is already working on this

A small tight team in San Francisco. We are looking for help, and we hope to keep this to a tight-knit small crew — we believe this will create the least overhead and allow us to drive the most impact for our users.

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Email to help out or with any feedback. I'd love to hear from you!
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