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National PPE coalition

C19 Coalition brings crucial partners together to help build an efficient, unified supply chain for PPE.

Created over 1 year ago
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About the Project


We are an umbrella group made up of the largest entities working on solving the PPE shortage (N95 masks, scrubs, gloves, protective equipment). We aim to bring attention to the people doing the hard work of sourcing and distributing as well as encourage people to work on new supplies. We act as a connector to get folks connected to the right group depending on their needs.

How far along is it

We are already the largest coalition of groups working together and sharing data, but we are just getting started

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Staff the hotline and take calls
Write and edit the website
Research other groups working on the problem
Play matchmaker between donors, volunteers, hospitals and groups

Project details

Who is already working on this

I’m Eric Ries, just trying to help play connector. The real work is being done by:
Cardinal Health
US of Care

And many others

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