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A copper-loaded spray paint to decrease transmission from high-touch surfaces, effectively reducing R0.

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NEEDS: Help on Kickstarter video and B2B/B2G Sales Outreach (offering revenue share and commission, respectively)

CopperCoater is commercializing a spray-on copper copper coating that is delivered in a consumer friendly spray can. Copper surfaces have been proven to render viruses and antibiotic resistant inactive within hours and minutes, respectively, with the possibility of superior performance from nano-formulations that spray-on coatings enable. This provides a solution that is less costly and far faster to deploy than replacing high-touch surfaces with solid copper alloys. By using drop-in replacements on the pigments in existing manufacturing facilities for cans of spray paint, we will be able to rapidly scale to meet global demand.

In a Twitter poll with 769 responses, 53% of people said they would buy, at prices ranging from $20 to $40 per can.

How far along is it

We have suppliers lined up and unit economics verified. We can have our first batch delivered within 6 weeks, and scale to over 100,000 units/week as soon as demand requires it.

Update: test samples made and will be tested soon for viral inactivation rates

We have brought on 4 PhD advisors with expertise in the area of contact killing with metals.

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We are working on securing funding.

We need to start building the brand and website right away. In the event that there is not funding by the end of this week, that provides another opportunity to generate the date needed to convince the investors we are engaged with.

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We have the materials science, biology, and manufacturing expertise. We are all experienced founders.

We need proven operators in e-commerce that can quickly build a beautiful brand, create compelling ads, and scale those ads. We can start working on this as soon as we find the right people to do pre-sales before the 1st batch arrives.

We are also interested in people with experience in managing logistics / supply chain, especially if you have done this globally e.g. someone asked us how quickly we could send a container to Turkey -- we need someone who can get things where they need to go, wherever that may be.

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