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PandemicRT Supplies

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Decentralized coordination of global medical and eventually other essential supplies to more efficiently and effectively combat COVID-19.

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Various assets built and in various stages of deployment.

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Finish configuring Wordpress site

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Lead: Jonathan Hecht Expert in global macro systems. Former academic, Fulbright awardee, global macro finance with funds up to $100 billion assets under management. Advisory board of conflict resolution & medical device orgs
Operations: Maya Zuckerman Lead ops experience across numerous organizations. Former IDF Air Force
Partnerships: John Belluomini Previously White House, Treasury Dept, KPMG, Merrill Lynch
Data: Jon Gosier Former private equity, TED Senior Fellow, led development of data platforms for crisis response including Haiti, Fukushima, and Ebola
Development: Maryn Soref Family Office specialist, lead dev for Logos Capital
Charities: Melodie Durfee President & COO of Legacy Global Charities
Emergency Response Management: Silvio Pupo-Casco Logos Capital, international development finance and emergency logistics
Policy: Brandyn Keating CEO, YOUnify; previously NextGen Climate, Obama for America
Public Health: Sarah Aoanan Health and Women's Advocate, MA, MBA
Tech: Zach Kelling CEO of, founder of dozens of tech companies
Marketing: Jesse Norton Creative director with decades of narrative & advertising experience including multiple Super Bowl commercials
Logistics: Jean-Claude Noel 30 years experience in domestic and global logistics
Science Advisor: Stephen Ibaraki Former chairman of ACM, 17x Microsoft MVP, guided $10 trillion in sustainable investments

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