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- Pharmacies are closing to foot traffic and many do not have an ONLINE presence to serve patients (health items, over the counter meds)
- Mom & pop pharmacies are urgently looking to digitize their sales (re: Shopify/POS) and integrate messaging on their websites

We want to help mom & pop pharmacies with bringing their stores online, building out Spotify/POS integrations, and messaging (eg. Intercom). If you have expertise in building this, especially within healthcare, please reach out.

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Needs identified with a number of clients, we need expertise from individuals who have deployed this before

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1) Digitizing POS with Shopify/other service to allow patients to order health items online
2) Enabling patient messaging online and central platform to support capacity of patient questions in pharmacies

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We are a startup creating virtual care platforms for pharmacists to deliver care. A number of our clients expressed this need and we currently do not have the expertise to support them.

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