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Swiping your skills during your (forcibly) free time during Quarantine

Because of the pandemia, several people are going to stop working losing clients or being joblessness. Some of them, is going to struggle with money and emotional troubles. In the other hand, their skills and knowledge are going to be wasted.

This project is going to connect people who can offer Remote Services to People needs something and, also, can offer another Remote Service.

How this is going to work: the MVP is going to be an App. Inspiring on the ideia of the app Tinder, the interface is going to, show cards with what the user can offer and what the person needs in exchange.


- Mary is webdesigner. She saw another user, Lee, saying that he needs update on his website in Wordpress
- Lee can offer Career Coach sessions or Chinese lessons
- They find a deal and start to exchange the services, to help them during our criticam moment.

This MVP is going to be, exclusively made to connect people using their Skills and Necessities.

We believe that this project is going to help the economy and the emotional healthy of the users, since they are going to keep in activity and being helpful and, also, growing portfolios, network, experience, etc. Also, the tool can be a good start to create relationships that can become, in the next step, a profitable deal.

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Looking for volunteers!

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- Coding
- Design
- UX

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I am a journalist, who worked with startups and ran my own business. So far, I am looking for a team to create it.

I am going to work to create content, strategic plan to launch it, also I can be the PM and support colleagues who can develop and help with design.

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