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Information portal answering the question: how should I go about my life during COVID19?

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About the Project

Description provides essential coronavirus information and updates affecting you, sourced from WHO and relevant (national + local) bodies, in an engaging and easy to read format. The site also sends notifications when guidance changes in your location, and soon it will aggregate and provide access to local initiatives in your area.

Problem - coronavirus has created an information crisis.
1. Information is fragmented and there is lots of misinformation circulating.
2. People have lots of new questions they have never had before.
3. Official sources (WHO, CDC, etc) are accurate but not enough people (particularly the less tech literate) are reading and acting upon the best practice advice. It is not presented in an engaging and easy-to-read format.
4. Official sources are not aggregating many brilliant local initiatives.
5. Most initiatives are suited to technology skilled and highly educated readers.

Fact - what we do individually will have a direct impact on how many people suffer, so it is vital that as many people as possible understand and have access to the best information.

Project status - the site launched in mid March and the site is already being supported by 15+ medical practices and NHS teams around the country. We are launching in Australia, USA and the Netherlands in the next couple of days, trying to help get information out to everyone who needs it.

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How far along is it

- MVP UK site went live on 17 March.
- Australia, USA, Netherlands sites launched early April
- Content updating daily based on how crisis evolves

Project target location
USA, UK, Australia, Netherlands

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

- Medical doctors to write content (especially USA)
- Developers to help expand to more countries + create new functionalities
- Growth and marketing
- Graphic designers

Current stack: ReactJS, Typescript, GatsbyJS (backend stack is varied)
Availability: minimum 20 hours per week

Project details

Who is already working on this

We are a team of doctors, researchers, developers and computer scientists from Cambridge University - working primarily from SF (USA) and Cambridge (UK).

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