Idea Stage
Actively Recruiting

About the Project


A dating service for friends. Great for matching seniors, overwhelmed parents, and anyone feeling particularly isolated with others who want to chat, find an activity or generally reach out.

How far along is it

The project was started 3/22/20 and a code repo was set up in GitHub. Initial wireframes have been created and a few pages stubbed out.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Build up team
Set up Back End probably with AWS
Work on authentification and login
Build out pages
Validate accessibility of pages
Finish Wireframes
Create artistic look and feel
Create Logo
Set up project work flow

Project details

Who is already working on this

**Current Team**
UX and Product Design: Danielle Broadaway:
UX Designer: Kaytlin Littlemore
Developer: Luke Birk:
Content Writer: Czarli Rex

**Team Members We Need**
Project Manager
Front End Dev
Back End Dev
Ops Engineer

How to get in touch,,
Number of volunteers needed
Preferred Volunteer location
Organization status
Not specified