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Actively Recruiting Community Support & Supply of Healthcare Workers and Hospitals

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About the Project


Hospitals and the people who staff them need our help with supplies, childcare and moral support. This project is a portal to collect both what is needed and what the community has to provide. By bootstrapping off of public data we can create order among the chaos.

A (largely non-functional) site is up at


Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Everything! Things will be organized on GitHub when we get to it.

Software Development:
- Firebase & Vanilla JS. Happy to bring in React if someone can drive it.
- Twilio: I imagine we'll want a lot of texting-based workflows given how busy healthcare workers are.

Data Wrangling:
- Collect disperse data from Twitter, Facebook, etc. To our index.

- Folks to get out the word.

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Who is already working on this

@newhouseb - formerly head of sync at Dropbox, founder of back in the day.

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