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We wrote a playbook on how to manage volunteers, had some amazing panels, and gathered some deals for you. Community Support & Supply of Healthcare Workers and Hospitals project

Short description


Hospitals and the people who staff them need our help with supplies, childcare and moral support. This project is a portal to collect both what is needed and what the community has to provide. By bootstrapping off of public data we can create order among the chaos.

A (largely non-functional) site is up at


Who is already working on this

@newhouseb - formerly head of sync at Dropbox, founder of back in the day.

Tasks that need to get done

Everything! Things will be organized on GitHub when we get to it.

Software Development:
- Firebase & Vanilla JS. Happy to bring in React if someone can drive it.
- Twilio: I imagine we'll want a lot of texting-based workflows given how busy healthcare workers are.

Data Wrangling:
- Collect disperse data from Twitter, Facebook, etc. To our index.

- Folks to get out the word.