About the Project


The goal of this project is to help slow the spread of covid-19. We are developing an app that will use location data over a period of time to help notify others if they have been in close proximity of a victim of coronavirus while also providing them with key insights on their probability of being infected. All data is stored locally and only queried an agent has been in contact with someone infected, removing privacy concerns. Using a probabilistic finite state machine, we can also provide risk insights based on symptoms and verified positive tests of coronavirus.

How far along is it

Developed product. Working on adding new features. I have formed partnerships with government officials, health organizations and nonprofits, and we have been working closely with people in the local governments, Duke, and also Ruvos.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need tech help, react native, JS, MongoDB, AWS
Help is also needed on the marketing end, getting this out there and making sure people are aware of the product.
Legal help

Project details

Who is already working on this

Me (Founder) Shehzan Maredia, James Taylor, Andres Montoya, Daniel Winkelman, Erik Yan - all students at Duke University. Working with Duke and other organizations. Apple Google and Cisco employees

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