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Help combat COVID-19 in the US and worldwide as NY State becomes battlefront. The project creates a dynamic map and trends dashboard webpage of NY state COVID-19 cases by county. The ultimate goal of our project is to assist decision-makers in better allocation of efforts and resources through visualizing cases and providing key trends. Further stages of the project consider building machine learning models to extract underlying structures of the temporal and spatial trends to help with preventing and responding to future outbreaks.

The final tool will:
1. Help state and counties decision-makers visualize and track the spread in real-time and take actions accordingly.
2. Serve as a visualization tool for the state website:
3. Keep track of trends and make recommendations.

Volunteers will help in:
1. Developing a dynamic front-end that integrates different parts and fetch new data.

How far along is it

An alpha map is out and will be shared with those who join.

Help Needed

Skills needed
Tasks that need to get done

Looking for web developers, expertise in JavaScript would be extremely helpful.
Credits will be given to those who help.
Thank you.

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A team of Systems Engineering and Epidemiology faculty and students from Cornell University.

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Not specified